Stop wasting ad spend & start moving iron!

As a decision maker at a dealership, you probably receive thousands of emails each month, promising crazy results at inflated prices.  

I understand that you’ve heard it all and you’re busy, so I’ll cut to the chase…  

The benefits in trusting me as your preferred vendor for all of your dealership’s digital marketing needs are: 

  • DIRECT, ONE-ON-ONE CONTACT. I work closely with dealers to get the results they want in a timely manner. That means no middle man, no account manager, and no exaggerated timelines. When you call, I answer. When you talk, I listen. When we work together, you sell!  
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD, FLAT-RATE PRICING. What you see is what you pay. Say goodbye to inflated fees, commissions, or other surprise charges forever! My flat-rate pricing model stands regardless of ad spend, number of ads, selection of models, size of your customer base, or types of touch points.  
  • ZERO-FLUFF MONTHLY REPORTS. You could have a million impressions and clicks, but if you’re not selling cars, who cares? Instead, let’s focus on how many leads you’re getting and how many of those are converting into sales. Your monthly report will cover the metrics that matter most.  
  • NO CONSTANT BACK & FORTH. I’m on the same calls you are, keeping up to date on all of the latest automotive incentives. That means that I’m already working on new advertisements before you contact me about your upcoming sales. Stay ahead of the game. I’ll help.  

Great Service at a Fair Price. Always. 

Most digital marketing consultants charge based on the number of customers you have AND how many times you’d like to contact them.  

Not me! I charge a single, flat-rate price for my clients. You’ll never pay extra for clicks, email deliveries, or adding new members to your CRM.  

One monthly price covers everything – the way it should be! 

No Hidden Fees.

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to spending money. That’s why I work with an all-inclusive pricing model to offer big results with no headaches.  

Your first rooftop is $3,250, plus $1,750 for each additional rooftop.  

Do you operate several dealerships? I offer discounts based on the number of rooftops. Contact me for special pricing! 

No False Promises.

I don’t over-promise – I deliver. Simple as that.  

When you work with me, you’ll never have to wonder what to expect or when. I clearly state exactly what we’re going to do – and then I get it done as promised and on-schedule!

Total Transparency. 

It’s my job as a consultant to provide unaltered, fully transparent reports and results.  

Every single lead is placed directly into your CRM. That means zero surprises and crystal-clear insights into your ROI.

What To Expect When We Work Together

Below is a comprehensive list of the services I offer each and every one of my clients.

  • Facebook Advertising. Retain every lead who visits your page, fills out a contact form, enters into your CRM, or posts a comment to your Facebook page!  
  • Google Advertising. I rely on keyword tracking to target buyers in YOUR area, looking for the kinds of cars YOU sell. Stop wasting money and turn browsers into buyers!  
  • Retargeting. Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in touch with every single person who interacts with you? Through retargeting, I’ll increase your retention rates by keep you on the radar of your warmest prospects. This way, when your BDC follows up, they’ll already know exactly who you are!  

I’ve got you covered – from front to back!  

  • Front of the Store. With access to your CRM, I’ll place tracking pixels on your dealership website to track, retarget, and retain every person who comes across your brand.  

  • Back of the Store. Most dealerships sell cars and never hear from their customers again for service. Let’s change that! I’ll automate service reminders and special promotions to make sure that your service station is performing as well as the lot!  

Ready to get started?

You’re one click away from saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, while offering a more personalized experience for your customers.